£4,800.00 – Wilier Cento10 Air Road Bike (Dura Ace – 2018). Road Bikes

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Race-ready Cento10 Air With super-light and stiff carbon frame and forks, integrated aero handlebar, Shimano Dura-Ace components, and a Mavic Cosmic Elite Wheelset, this Wilier race bike is top of its class. The balanced frame is utilised for aerodynamic gains alongside the maximum integration of the frame with its components. Integration produces harmony and the race-ready Cento 10 Air is singing. The carbon monocoque frame weighs in at a fast and light 1,040 grams; the forks, made from the same blend of carbon, tips the scales at 350 grams. The light and stiff carbon frame has a distinctive angular appearance to enable it to slice efficiently slice through the air. The widely spaced narrow fork blades deliver precise handling whilst the short headtube puts you rider into an aggressive race position. Dura-Ace Components and Mavic Cosmic Wheelset Shimano’s Dura-Ace groupset doesn’t need an introduction. Raced and favoured by the majority of teams in the pro peloton, the 11-speed Dura-Ace groupset is lightweight, stiff, and engineered for complete efficiency without unnecessary friction. Embrace clean and precise shifting, a stiff crankset for optimal power transfer, and responsive braking as you race the Wilier Cento 10 Air Road Bike to victory.  Mavic’s Cosmic Elite wheelset continues the lightweight DNA that runs through the Cento 10 Air Road Bike. This wheelset will help you get up to speed quickly on flat roads, providing effortless speed and a low weight to help you climb with ease. Technologies: Advanced Aerodynamic Frame: The Cento10AIR revolutionises aero concepts known until now. Research, study, and testing have redefined and redesigned the tube profiles, departing from the traditional concept that the thinner they are, the more aero they are. Now the bike is designed with the overall system in mind. The goal is to push the cooperation of all the components with the frame, to have the best performance. Asymmetric Rear Stays: Wilier’s asymmetric chainstay design for the Cento1SR is the next evolution of the design concept we originally introduced in the legendary first generation Cento1. The drive side stay’s shape and lower positioning counteract chain torque, while the non-drive stay is shaped to balance those same forces from the opposite side. The lower drive-side stay also reduces typical “chain-slap” when your ride gets rough. Alabarda Handlebar/Stem: Alabarda is a monocoque integrated aero bar. This handlebar is a Wilier design, born to match perfectly the new Cento10AIR, like almost any other Wilier Triestina road bikes. The bar is designed following NACA algorithm, as the new Cento10AIR frame. The aero performance is at a very high level; every detail has been designed to make the wind disappear. Impact Front: Another important point about aerodynamics is in the frontal area’s footprint. The front fork is much wider than usual, and the legs of the fork are farther from the wheel. This design helps to reduce turbulence of the air flowing through the bike, with less pressure and less drag. When compared with Cento1AIR, Cento10AIR has 2.86% more frontal area, but has an 8% improved aerodynamic efficiency.

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