£6,299.00 – BMC Timemachine 01 Road Four 2020 – Road Bike

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“None of the design is just to add styling for the sake of styling.”There’s pride in Torgny’s voice as he says it. As BMC’s Design Director, he played a central role in the creation of our fastest bike to date, and therefore wants to set the record straight. “The design of the Timemachine Road is very much driven by its engineering,” he explains. “The aerodynamic efficiency is what dictates the aesthetics to a large degree. So even though the visual integration of the bottles is a nice side effect, that specific integration is all about reducing drag.”The designer runs his hand along the downtube, agreeing that it is a very fast-looking bike. “The angular design language with straight lines, tight radii and sharp edges communicates Swiss precision engineering, which is a big part of our DNA. The goal is that the design helps people understand the function and performance of the bike, and not just to add styling for the sake of styling.”Integrated Cockpit System (ICS) AeroThe most Aerodynamic iteration of ICS Technology features excellent aero performance, uncompromised adjustability, and peerless ease of service with a minimal frontal surface area, stealth cable routing and a 2-piece construction.Tuned Compliance Concept (TCC) SpeedTCC Speed is designed to optimize power transfer and rolling resistance on every road surface, achieving peak speeds for extended periods of time.Advanced AerodynamicsAdvanced tube profiles maximize aerodynamic performance in real-life conditionsAero ModuleA modular system that combines hydration and storage elements into one seamless aerodynamic unit.Integrated Aero CoverThe minimal profile of the front caliper cover optimizes airflow at every yaw angle.Aero PostSuperbly aerodynamic through its Kamm tail profile, the Aero Post provides a wide range of adjustments.TCC Speed forkThe Timemachine Road fork marries the ultimate aerodynamic performance with the exact dosage of vertical compliance for improved control.

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