£1,049.00 – Merida Scultura 4000 – Nearly New – 56cm 2019 – Road Bike


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This Merida Scultura road bike is in excellent condition. Having never been ridden, it is showing no signs of mechanical wear. However, it has non-stock wheels fitted.To ensure this bike meets our high standards for quality, it has undergone a thorough inspection by our professional mechanics. As with all our bikes, it comes with a 12 month Tredz warranty, plus any additional manufacturer warranty which may apply. Chase small improvements in every aspect of your riding, but don’t overlook the massive advantage offered by Orca Aero. A bike that doesn’t just cheat the wind but openly defies it – an ode to efficiency and stiffness that relishes the assault of a 1700 watt finish – Orca Aero is the perfect accomplice for riders who aspire to become more familiar with the podium. Do battle off the front while others hide in the wheels, vanquished. Take pulls. Love the gutter. Find unknown strength in a machine designed for glory and hoard it for that single moment when you seize your opportunity. Marginal gains are for those playing the long game – Orca Aero would rather take the win today.Key Features:Aerodynamics – New freeflow fork, The wider fork opening reduces airflow pressure via the wheel and the fork achieving a 4-watt drag reduction. The new UCI legal fork designed according to the new regulations provides all competitors with a 3:1 advantage ratio.,Shortened Tail – Enables the use of flatter tubing, which softens the airflow towards the bottle cages.,Double Radius – Opens up airflow around the tubing profile, with improved airflow over the different angles.,Flattened Sides – Reduces friction at the front of the tubing and provides better drag at low speeds.,Orca Aero Seat Post – The Orca Aero has an oval seat post designed to reduce air turbulence, without impairing its vibrations absorption capabilities. The seat post is adjustable and employs a system that enables a greater range of saddle adjustment positions, unlike the competition.,Rigid Structure – The head tube, bottom bracket and chainstay joints are optimized for improved torsional strength. The sections have been more optimized for each size frame to create a more rigid structure.,Power Transmission – A more rigid Orca Aero means an improved transmission of power from the cyclist.,Simplicity – The specific design enables the integrated handlebars to be easily adapted.,Compatibility – Our system enables different power – handlebar options to be selected, which are perfectly integrated.,Internal Cable Routing – ICR has been conceived to ensure the best internal cable guidance: friction-free, easy to install and low maintenance. The ICR + system is compatible with both mechanical and electronic and wireless transmissions. The same frame is compatible with all transmission systems.,MMS – The Orca Aero is characterized by its versatility and intelligent design. The multiple bottle cage mounts and three bosses provide several configuration options, to improve aerodynamics or improve the distribution of the bike’s centre of gravity..

This Road Bike is available today at this price from Tredz Limited.

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