£5,599.99 – Wilier Zero 6 Super Record Road Bike 2019

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Wilier Zero 6 Super Record Road Bike. The peak of Wilier technology, the Zero6 frame is an incredibly lightweight 680 grams. The superbly strong and stiff 60TON carbon frame with a new mould and fibre layup from Mitsubishi Japan, a stylish and efficient Campagnolo Super Record drivetrain, smooth and fast Campagnolo Shamal Mille wheelset, with Ritchey and Selle Italia finishing kit, this Zero6 Super Record Road Bike is a performance-engineered road bike that needs to be raced on crits and open races Super-light Carbon Frame. The super-light carbon frame weighs just 680 grams. That’s a 15% weight saving over Wilier’s gold standard Zero7 frame. Equipped with integrated cables, an integrated fork, and supreme aerodynamic efficiency, the Zero6 Road Bike is a podium contender Features:  Frame: Carbon Monocoque Fibre 60TON + Dialead  Fork: Carbon Monocoque Fibre 60TON + DialeadChainset: Campagnolo Super Record 50/34TBB Shell: Campagnolo Super Record Press Fit  Brake/Shift Levers: Campagnolo Super Record  Front Derailleur: Campagnolo Super Record, 11-speed  Rear Derailleur: Campagnolo Super Record, 11-speed  Cassette: Campagnolo Super Record, 11-speed, 12-27T  Chain: Campagnolo Super Record  Wheelset: Campagnolo Shamal Mille  Tyres: Vittoria Rubino Pro 3  Brakes: Campagnolo Super Record  Handlebar: Ritchey SuperlogicStem: Ritchey Superlogic  Headset: Ritchey WCS  Saddle: Selle Italia SLRSeatpost: Ritchey SuperlogicFrame Weight: 680g ± 5% (painted)Technologies: Carbon 60TON: To build a great monocoque carbon frame, Wilier looked for the perfect balance of stiffness, comfort and responsiveness at the lightest possible weight. Carbon fibre is an ideal material for bicycle frames because of its qualities of elasticity, capacity to withstand stresses, and its strength-to-weight ratio. The higher the modulus, the stiffer the composite. On the other end of the spectrum, the lower the modulus, the more elastic it will be. In the construction of this bike they implemented MR60H for stiffness in the critical stress areas where lateral stiffness equates to greater efficiency. Then used T800H and T700SC, with more elastic characteristics, to ensure comfort and sure-footed handling. Each was used as minimally as possible once our demanding strength and durability standards were met, ensuring the lightest weight frame possible.  Integrated Cables: The plate through which the rear brake cable enters the top tube has been redesigned to permit passage of electronic wires if running an electronic group. This 2-in-1 plate is minimal, almost negligible in weight, and cleanly integrated into the frame. The same applies to the shifter cables (the front and rear derailleur in the mechanical version), which enter through a tiny plate on the downtube. The special internal design of this plate perfectly guides the cables inside the downtube, minimising friction and keeping the cables tense and perfectly straight up to the point where they cross over in the plate positioned underneath the bottom bracket. The shifter cables cross over outside of the frame on a cable guide plate, making it impossible to direct them the wrong way. When using an electronic group, the plate on the downtube is replaced by a blind plate, giving the frame a cleaner, more elegant look. The shape of the cable routing plate under the bottom bracket is specially designed to cross over the shifter cables with minimum friction and provide the perfect cable angle for the function of either shifter cable. We made sure that the rear derailleur cable is kept suspended inside the chainstays without touching its walls. In the derailleur however, it allows the cable to reach the attachment point to the derailleur at a natural angle. The cable guide plate is flush within the frame, which provides a smooth aerodynamic surface. This improves air flow over models using a traditional plate.  Integrated Fork: To achieve greater riding stability and aerodynamic efficiency, Wilier’s technicians have focused their attention and research on the front end of the frame. They found that by repositioning the downtube and the top tube with respect to the headtube, the headtube’s height virtually increases. The resulting virtual increase increases torsional stiffness by 14% over the same size frame in the previous version of the Zero7. With this new configuration, the down tube seamlessly integrates with the crown of the fork and generates an aerodynamic profile that reduces drag. The fork’s legs boast the same aerodynamic features as the TwinBlade and Cento1AIR models. The fork’s brake hole is hidden by the downtube which keeps it clean and well protected. The resulting new design also gives the front end improved aesthetics with simple, harmonious lines.  Swingarm: No joints, glue or screws: rear dropouts form a single unit with the lower part of the rear triangle. The joining section, usually constructed in aluminium, is also part of the carbon monocoque unit. All of this means gr eater lightness and stiffness.  3D Derailleur Hanger: Wilier looks to every detail on their bikes to optimise performance and functionality, and their 3D Derailleur Hanger is evidence of this. Zero7 derailleur hangers are no longer merely there to facilitate the installation of the rear derailleur. They have assumed a third dimension of functionality, seamlessly integrating different systems while simultaneously serving as cable stops. For the new 3D Hangers, Wilier dramatically increased stiffness to ensure perfect shifting and improved durability. The new 2-in-1 derailleur hangers can be used with either mechanical or electronic groups. With a mechanical groupset, the cable stop is positioned closer to the derailleur itself. This enables a shorter length of housing from frame to derailleur, while still allowing for optimal cable arc-maximising rear derailleur smoothness and consistency. As with the Zero7’s internal cable routing through the downtube, this cable stop keeps the rear derailleur shift cable well-tensioned and centred within the stay for a silent and frictionless shift action. When using electronic groups, the design allows the electric wiring to pass through in the cleanest way possible. The internal electric routing is optimised as well, with the wiring’s point of exit positioned well above the dropout for quick and unencumbered wheel changes Easy Assembly. When you order a bike, one of our trained mechanics will carefully prepare and pack your bike for shipping. Upon delivery, the assembly is simple and all necessary tools are conveniently included in the box Depending on the delivery service and destination, bikes will either be delivered in a large or a small box. Below is a guide as to how your bike will arrive:All bikes for delivery within the UK and Republic of Ireland will be delivered in a large box, except for kids’ bikes and BMX bikes, which are always delivered in manufacturer’s boxes.  All bikes for delivery within the EU on a standard service will be delivered in a large box. If an express delivery option is chosen, your bike will be packed into a small box. Again, the exception is kids’ bikes and BMX bikes, which are always delivered in manufacturer’s boxes.  All bikes for worldwide delivery outside the EU will be delivered in small boxes This video demonstrates assembly from a  SMALL BOX This video demonstrates assembly from a LARGE BOX Buy Wilier Bikes from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store.

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